21 October 2017

Lingering Leith

Oh... Innis & Gunn? Nah, not today, for...

there was Caesar Augustus to try - a "lager/IPA hybrid", ok..., not bad, quite good, but then...

there was also Seven Giraffes - "a blend of seven grains, three hop strains and a late infusion of elderflower and lemon" - oh well, go on then... Whose move is it next? I forget... And what's the game anyway? 

Look both ways...

Better have a coffee...


Them again... They are everywhere... And... hang on a minute... 200 yards away...

Look up there! My lady and me made two children behind those third floor windows, one in eh... 1986, and one in eh... 1988, if I am allowing for the gestation times correctly. A job well done, I'd say...

and both of the children used to enjoy running across this parkland to those swings and roundabouts in the distance... Swings and roundabouts... they come and go. So much time. So little time. So many beers to try... A little bit of beer can get me minorly maudlin though, while lingering in Leith. How old am I? How old are they? How did all that happen? Let's have some Innis & Gunn...

Moving to The Hill

For a bit of a change, have moved golf membership from The Island to The Hill
Some small images, meantime, courtesy of their website:

These members down at the first tee on the opening day in June 1911 are long gone though

18 October 2017


I took a wary walk across the Clifton Suspension Bridge, while the final two photos in this post show that my son - on the right in the glass box - had recently enjoyed his own high rise sights in Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile my lady managed just a few yards along the Clifton Bridge walkway before deciding that was enough for her and retreating. She doesn't cope well with heights. Without any warning of their presence, my son was highly alarmed to suddenly see bodies falling around him near the box - then parachutes opened... Base jumpers from the top. The jumpers then took the lift back to the top and jumped off again. Not my idea of fun.

15 October 2017

Kendal reflections

From inside and outside Riverside Hotel

My reflected lady is perusing the menu


for one night, en route to Bristol, with the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia beginning to stir the sky

9 October 2017


Apparently this is not the reason for the name but I did find that the bitter hoppy taste of this Adnams offering did linger on the palate for an extraordinarily long time - nay uncannily long - after the liquid had sunk from the mouth. Eerie, and nice. Another good one, inducing a feeling of tilting and sinking that was pleasant rather than disturbing. A fine way to go.

7 October 2017

62 million years ago...

...all was very quiet, although perhaps I just happened to visit on a quiet day

5 October 2017

A new friend

I generally only meet up with one bottle or pint of beery friendship in any one day, and not every day, but this new one is moving up the list in my affections. Adnams Southwold Bitter, which according to Adnams is "a beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive lingering hoppiness, brewed with the finest East Anglian Pale Malt barley, with the Fuggles hops added late to the boil to preserve the herbal flavours...". To which I would say "Aye right... whatever... it's a beer, and quite a nice one too."