23 September 2016

The lads live on...

"Imagine exploring the workings of a computer," said Macrig. "I think Adrig has put it like that before. At one level all you see are charged particles moving around governed by the forces of attraction and repulsion among positive and negative electric charge. And so you think you understand a computer, for it is just a seemingly pointless machine in which charges move, all governed by simple physical law. But you have missed something. The purpose of it all… the software coded into the initial state that makes the moving charges fulfil a higher purpose that you have not glimpsed. The pattern that was set in the structure to govern how it developed. You have not really understood a computer at all... Now consider life, and see the atoms and molecules and ions all bumping and bouncing around, all governed by physical law, and all destined, or doomed, to make the life evolve into versions that are increasingly more adept at making more of themselves - at reproducing. But are you missing the purpose of it all? You see what I mean? ... Edrig... Do you see what I mean?"


"You have not been listening at all, have you?"

"I try not to," said Edrig, "because it is all.... what's the term they use? Oh yeah, because it's all pish."

"You may be missing something," muttered Macrig.

"What I am missing," said Edrig, "is half of my beer. The half that was in the top of the glass but is now no longer there."

"Ah yes," remarked Macrig a little wearily. "The half that is no longer there is the happiness that you have had, while the half that is still in the glass is the happiness that has yet to come, but, you are not happy with having had some happiness and still having more to come so..."

"A top up?" the nearby and somewhat slumped Adrig suggested, rousing from his dreamy doze as the word "beer" entered his awareness.

"Yes, a top up!" affirmed Edrig enthusiastically, while Macrig shook his head, giving, not for the first time, an impression of mild contempt.


15 September 2016

Technical problem

This is what can happen when teleporting goes wrong. Fortunately the cat was reuinited with her head eventually, although the wrong way round for a while, but all back to normal now.

Although a sceptic suggested she was just drinking from a pool of rainwater accumulated on the lounger, but sceptics will pooh-pooh anything astonishing.

The rise of the Ome

First there was the "genome", the entire complement of any organism's genetic material; then came the "proteome", the entire complement of proteins encoded by the genome; then "metabolome" arrived - the entire suite of metabolic chemicals in a cell; and now in my real life persona I have had to write about the "secretome", which I had never heard of and briefly thought may be a person's entire complement of secrets, but is actually the entire array of chemicals secreted, ie released, from a cell. The spread of the "ome" must surely break out of science soon... As a beginning, I have just contemplated my lady's outfitome and realised she has a much larger outfitome than me; but my moanome is larger than her one, because I do tend to moan more about the trivial things of life. My worryome is enormous, although I have managed to shrink it a bit from the ridiculous size it had about ten years ago. Now I need to cast aside this nonsense and do some work, otherwise my cashome will begin to wither.

13 September 2016

Further Firth of Forth

Visits to the Hawes Inn and the Cramond Inn are proving habit forming, and remind me how good it is to have my office in my laptop.

10 September 2016

The three bridges

The new road bridge, beyond the first road bridge, is almost joined up now

and the old rail bridge still beats them both

South Queensferry is always a special place for a promenade and pint

9 September 2016

Dead men playing

Around 1903, these fine fellows were about to play from the very spot where I now set out to play on my golf course, although the trees all around are all grown up now and that fine clubhouse burned down in the year of my birth, 1955, to be replaced by the new clubhouse still standing on that same mound. It gives me pause for thought as I set out, once again, to whack a little ball around the island.

click photo to enlarge
And those old bones that once swung so keenly probably lie in the wet earth somewhere not too far away from where I now swing my own old bones.

8 September 2016

By special arrangement - one smile

I have been told that I don't smile enough and look too gloomy much of the time.

You want a smile? Here's a damn smile:

Then the rain came down.

6 September 2016

Edinburgh noon

This West End corner of Edinburgh was looking and feeling slightly Parisian, I felt, on this uncommonly balmy September day, but full of contrast on closer inspection, with the grand old Mather's Bar now stuck beside Greggs the bakers, for goodness sake, while the man who "ate all the pies" is moving away to the right. And there is an oddly resting, or stuck, elephant in the room, or on the street, for which I came up with several apt Edinburgh and Scottish interpretations, as I supped my "Americano Classico", which was just a black coffee for goodness sake. Then the wind got up, an autumnal Edinburgh shiver ran through me, and I retreated back indoors to where the old dearies and tired gents were seated.

4 September 2016

Another day, another cat

We have another catty visitor, a somewhat nervous one

Looking closer:

and my lady's determination to give a pat required a most un-ladylike pose

Happy smiles all round

1 September 2016

South Queensferry Blue

Amid a few days when some stressful things resurfaced, I found it strangely calming to look up at this old clock tower bathed in the last light of the gloaming and think of the people who built it and many of the people who have looked up at its clock face, people whose stresses and concerns are now long gone. Some might find that a depressing reminder of doom, but I found it provoked a helpful thought of the true insignificance of the things that seem so worryingly significant today, but in reality will soon mean nothing. The hot thick potato chips with salt and vinegar enjoyed on the bench looking out across the water also improved my mood, and the tide, although coming in, would soon turn.