29 November 2014


Amid the winter lights people do sit and then rise and wildly whirl high up in the Edinburgh sky, amid much squealing and screaming that reaches us down below. This is one ride that is not for the Don of QuiScottie. Oh no.

23 November 2014

You can see the Wallace Monument from here...

Standing high and proud in testimony to a noble ancestor(ish) of QuiScottie, if you look very carefully, behind and above the man's head

What would old William think of QuiScottie's Scotland now, I wonder?

22 November 2014

After a further twenty three circles around the sun

there have been effects on the Don and young Princess QuiScottie

Ah... Much questing between then and now has taken a toll on the Don while the years seem to have treated the Princess somewhat better; and my Lady Margaret Dulcinea QuiScottie looks to have travelled a mere fraction of these circles, which is strange (for I am sure she's been with me all the way), but nice

And I shall nobly venture on, and take the hits and bear the scars some more,
while the young Prince QuiScottie does take the noble quest to foreign lands

It all gives pause for thinking thought, this spinny spinning around a fiery sun. It does...

and dear Ted QuiScottie, who is the same age as the Don,
has taken a few hits from all the whirly whirling too 

17 November 2014

The sun does not go down...

 ...but our world spins back on its axis, unfelt by us, and creates such a convincing illusion of a falling sun... which is worth thinking about next time we feel convinced, of anything, I think...