30 July 2014

Ferry me away, again...

I've said it before but I feel the need to say it again...

I would much rather be on a CalMac ferry
heading out on a glittering sea
feeling the wind and watching the headlands
shifting and flowing in mist around me
with gulls circling hopefully, looking for chips
the sound of the engines, that rhythm of ships
the gentlest of heaving in a moderate swell
the old ferry feeling that all is now well 

28 July 2014

Tree Time at Stirling Castle

and a view from a window to the past

Pythagoras wake

In mathematics
see everything
the waves in bits
and bits in waves
Each temporary foaming too
a metaphor of me and you

17 July 2014

Perth Museum and Art Gallery

Beginning with an old Pictish stone and this old Pict

And this may look like a pussy cat but it's actually a "Scottish Wild Cat". Try to tickle under its chin and it would have had your fingers for dinner (a bit like many a Scottish Wild Woman, actually)

Cloud time

12 July 2014

The Wicker Men

Sculptures like this one have mysteriously appeared in various Perthshire villages. Having noticed what appears to be a golf club I think they may be associated with the Ryder Cup being held at Gleneagles in September, but they seem a bit sinister with a club shaft that penetrates through the head...

How long before some local ned sets it alight?

View from a boat