24 August 2013

Gone shopping

Love the lizardy interior trim

Photography not allowed? Oh yeah?

And parked by a lady, of course

I know it's not funny. It's serious. The children's clothes fit her perfectly, but of course she never has any money does she? If she ever comes calling you may fare better if you mention my name, otherwise it could get unpleasant. Believe me. And she likes being called Aileen. Just when I was planning a quiet Saturday too. Oh well. And now she wants to meet a chap called Edrig. If this is my final post, don't fear for me. I'll be having fun, somewhere.

18 August 2013


and again, and again... Out there and inside my mind, the same old things keep happening, again, and again, and again, but although always the same, always different too, and just as I thought that a sun was setting in my mind, oh... it creeped around the back of Planet Consciousness and rose again... fortunately... probably... Here we go... again...

16 August 2013

On Braid Hills

A fine day

Golf and Life. Both games of stages - holes or days. The secret is in taking it one day at a time, one hole at a time, one hour at a time, one shot at a time. And you never know, you just never know, when suddenly you might pitch it into the hole from a hundred yards, or miss a simple putt from two feet, in golf as metaphorically in life. The fact that it is so obviously and utterly pointless is golf's strongest point, that and the times spent walking in such pleasant surroundings with a friend. Nobody ever has to ponder the meaning of golf, because there is no meaning, other than to have fun in good company. And in that moment of existential realisation there is revealed... the meaning of life, within its glorious lack of meaning, I do suggest.

14 August 2013

Coffee Question

Is coffee a choice or an addiction? Do we really have free-will, or are we governed by nerve cells that must seek out the produce of a mere bean? Who is in charge here, me or the bean? Did I really have any choice about taking this photo and posting this post? Am I at least free to take the decision between black, white or latte?

... and all those other supposed choices... caramello, mocha, iced espresso... all arrayed before us just to create the illusion of control when really, we have none?

Whatever your view on the question, you may not have any real choice about which view is yours.

10 August 2013

Lonely Unicorn

"The world's most original wooden warship" but The Frigate Unicorn was looking lonely and unloved round in Dundee's Victoria dock while everyone flocks to Captain Scott's Discovery about a mile away:

Unicorn would be much better displayed beside its more popular Dundonian. I am also amazed they still have Unicorn floating and rotting while boasting that more of it is in its original form than any other old warship. A dry dock would seem more appropriate.

8 August 2013

Remembering Hutcheson on Kerrera

I'd never heard of him, actually, but I know a little bit now.

I also now know that Hutcheson's brother in law David MacBrayne developed the steamship company that now lives on in the form of Caledonian MacBrayne, whose ferries I so enjoy and rely on every year.

The Falls of Lora

I spent a while looking for the waterfall on the first occasion that I stopped here, then I found the board explaining it was a tidal race waterfall effect created as the tide is heading out. It was not especially dramatic yesterday, but it was the first time I have passed with anything noticeable, and the estuary and the bridge make quite a nice photo anyway.