14 May 2018

Hedgehog House

A family of hedgehogs lives in the warren of stacked tree branches covered by years of grass cuttings on our riverbank. They have several of these entrance holes. It must be quite a mansion in there really. They have recently emerged again from the long winter hibernation, and are now breeding for another year. I have watched them at it. What a performance... The male circles the female slowly for over an hour while grunting loudly before any real action ensues. Perhaps he is worrying about the prickles. Perhaps she is thinking, 'for goodness sake get on with it.'

Hedgehog heaven

8 May 2018

Whites recycling

The buried remains of the pure white cat sustain the pure white blossom of the tree on her grave for another year, which will give way to cherries which will be eaten by the birds related to some of the birds that the dear, sweet, evil white cat used to herself consume.