11 March 2018

Simply Sunday

I badly needed an afternoon of quiet simplicity and a quietening mind, and I found it in a Stockbridge coffee shop where a gorgeous chocolate and white collie-cross befriended and hypnotized me with her amber eyes while her owner read his book; followed by a wander through a little market and along by the Water of Leith. I wish I had taken a photo of the collie. She looked back at me through the window as she left. Her species is easy to love, unless you are a rabbit, perhaps... Nature always spoils everything at the same time as offering so much that is good.

10 March 2018


My good friend, my ex-colleague, had a tale to tell, when we met for his requested "catch up", which began with the usual casual "how have you been," then unfolded slowly and horrifically with his tale of a mysterious illness, contradictory diagnoses, tests, more tests, tests upon tests, then liver disease, then liver failure, then, additionally it seems, liver cancer, five tumors, just as a topping for the earlier "terminal" diagnosis while "given about 18 months,"... then the dramatic tale of receiving a transplant 19 months after that verdict, and so now, about 10 weeks post-transplant, sitting opposite me with a dead man's liver in his belly, and which he has been warned might fail at any time, or might not; and he was supping his orange juice while I, by then rather awkwardly, supped my second beer, while pondering the slight jaundice around his eyes.

That tale took a couple of hours, then there was a pause.

"Well, I broke my arm," I said. "Let's talk about me."

He laughed, fortunately.

We parted, and he gave me a longer and firmer handshake than usual; then put his arm around my shoulder, before moving on.

"Keep in touch," I said, and walked away, thinking...

4 March 2018

Still Busking

Back in Dundee today, and as I gave Mr Lafferty some cash he immediately offered to buy me a cup of tea. Maybe next time Eddie, although I may suggest Guinness, and please allow me to buy. I like the new hat. I hope fame does not change him too much. He called me "pal" this time.