On the walk back from King Jimmy's

Look closely and you can just make out the river, which is actually very wide but it doesn't look so here. The golf is done, the beer has been supped, the sun is setting and the air is full of wild flower scent. Us two old fellows wander back along the narrow path toward the bridge, talking gentle nonsense and mild gossip, and everything is pretty damn good as our little place in the world tips backward from its sun.


The stairway to heaven

Well, the stairway to the pathway across the railway bridge across the river Tay, leading to Moncrieffe Island, where a pleasant stroll through woodland and beside the allotments leads to the King James VI golf course, laid out by Old Tom Morris in 1897, where cares can seem strangely left on the other side of the river while enjoying a pleasant few hours and then a drink in the bar in what can seem like another world of sunshine, greenery and peace, or fresh rainfall greenery and peace, or sunshine and showers and greenery and peace, otherwise known as heaven:




Looking in a mirror is not very satisfactory really, if you are trying to examine yourself. What do you see? Dead skin cells, hair, the faint flush of sluggish blood flowing beneath… then the eyes, most people think the eyes are what matter, but they just show a little pool of black within a circle of tissue… nothing. No, the way to examine yourself is to shut your eyes, and shut up, and shut out everything - all noise. And what do you find? Thinking... Thoughts all busy a’ thinking... That is you. But still, silly swirling circular spiralling thinkings - what are they? You… What are you? Shut your eyes, shut up, stop even thinking… Just be. Be… What do you see? The same as me? Just be… Me.

The edge of my lady